Renewed commitment to the GERC

WASHINGTON, June 5, 2019 PRNewswire

Eight of the leading U.S.-based international relief organizations have renewed their commitment to the Global Emergency Response Coalition. Originally created in April 2017 to broaden awareness and take urgent action when disasters occur, the Coalition is made up of field-based, well respected and vetted organizations that are combining their capabilities and technical capacities in a joint effort. The Coalition will harness the fundraising power of the United States to save lives by inspiring donors and quickly getting them involved at the onset of disasters.

"Too often children and families around the world in dire need of help go unnoticed due to lack of public awareness," said the CEOs of the Global Emergency Response Coalition member NGOs. "We have come together to use our collective energies, increase the U.S. public's attention to global disaster, and leverage the massive influence and generosity that Americans can bring toward creating global action."

The Coalition, composed of CARE, International Medical Corps, International Rescue Committee, Mercy Corps, Oxfam America, Plan International USA, Save the Children and World Vision, originally came together with a goal of bringing attention to and increasing funding for the East Africa Hunger Crisis ... 

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