Frequently Asked Questions





1. What is the Global Emergency Response Coalition?

We are the first lifesaving humanitarian alliance in the United States, made up of eight leading international aid organizations. In times of crisis and disaster, the Coalition mobilizes to help children and families in urgent need by raising awareness and funds. By working together, we deliver emergency relief even more quickly and efficiently to save lives and help rebuild communities.


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2. Which humanitarian aid organizations are members of the Coalition?

CARE, International Medical Corps, International Rescue Committee, Mercy Corps, Oxfam America, Plan International USA, Save the Children and World Vision.


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3. How does the Coalition save lives?

The Coalition and our members work together to increase awareness about disasters and raise funds, which increases the capacity of each organization to deliver emergency relief quickly and efficiently. Donations to the Coalition support lifesaving programs such as emergency food delivery, medical care, shelter, child protection, psychosocial support, and water, sanitation and hygiene.


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4. What types of crises does the Coalition respond to?

The increasing frequency and severity of natural and man-made disasters are displacing a growing number of children, women and men, and causing loss of life and livelihood everywhere. We stand ready to respond to any large-scale emergency where we can help save lives and help communities recover and rebuild.


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5. When was the Coalition founded?

The Coalition was founded in 2017 to respond to the ongoing hunger crisis in Africa and the Middle East. Recognizing the power and efficiencies of working together, the eight member organizations decided to formalize the Coalition in 2019 to continue to raise awareness and funds in the United States for emergency response around the globe. We are the first and only coalition of its kind in the U.S.


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6. What crises or disasters has the Coalition responded to?

In 2017, more than 20 million people faced starvation as an unprecedented hunger crisis spread across Africa and the Middle East. The Coalition came together to inspire donors in the U.S. to get involved; thanks to their generous support, we raised more than $4 million dollars to address this hunger crisis.

Our members worked to support those most vulnerable to famine and malnutrition, especially infants, pregnant and nursing mothers, and children. For example, in Yemen, International Medical Corps established 38 oral rehydration points for urgent care of suspected cholera patients and trained workers in early detection. In South Sudan, CARE screened more than 3,700 children for malnutrition and established six mobile health sites. In Kenya, Save the Children screened nearly 7,000 children for malnutrition and reached over 5,000 people with therapeutic treatment supplies at its nutrition centers.


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7. Why do these humanitarian aid organizations need to work as a coalition?

The urgent need for humanitarian aid continues to outpace the ability of institutions and governments to help. According to the United Nations, one out of every 70 people around the world is in need of humanitarian assistance. And the ability to recover from disasters – and therefore the need for support – now averages nine years, much longer than in previous eras.

In a humanitarian system where funding is strained, creative solutions are needed. By collaborating and coordinating to raise funds and attention for these large-scale emergencies, together we believe we can be part of the solution to help the growing number of people in urgent need.


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8. Where can I make a donation today?

It is easy to make a donation to the Coalition through our website. Please click any of the “Donate” buttons or click here to access the form.

You can also write a check and mail it to:

Global Impact
c/o Global Emergency Response Coalition
1199 North Fairfax Street, Suite 300
Alexandria, VA 22314


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9. What is the Coalition’s tax ID number?

Our tax ID number is 52-1273585.


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10. I did not receive my tax receipt for my donation to the Coalition. What should I do?

Please send us an email at to request your receipt. If you donated to the Coalition via a check, please include your mailing address in your email request.


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11. What is Global Impact?

Global Impact is a nonprofit organization that serves as the fiscal sponsor for the Coalition. Global Impact is the steward for all donations to the Coalition.


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12. Does my donation go toward a specific emergency or to a general fund?

When the Coalition is actively raising money for a specific emergency, your generous donation will be used to address those urgent needs. Otherwise, all donations will be collected in a general fund that is quickly made available to our members when responding to targeted humanitarian crises.


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13. How long will it take for donations to be put to work saving lives?

When a disaster strikes, each Coalition member conducts a rapid needs assessment and starts using donated funds to help deliver aid as quickly as possible – often in a matter of hours or days.


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14. How much of my donation will go toward the communities affected?

At least 85 percent of all donations will go directly to support the communities affected.

Approximately 5 percent of donations are used to cover the operational costs of the Coalition.


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15. How can I be assured that the funds I donate are allocated appropriately?

As longstanding leaders in humanitarian aid, each of our eight members bring a shared value of accountability to the Coalition. Through careful stewardship of resources, along with detailed tracking and communication of results, we ensure that our efforts in disaster relief are reaching the people and communities most in need.


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16. How is the Coalition governed?

The Coalition is governed by the chief executive officers of each member organization and run by a small, nimble staff, led by a managing director. [Meet Our Staff]


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17. Can I volunteer for the Coalition or any of its members?

The Coalition is not recruiting volunteers at this time. But some of our member organizations enlist volunteers to help with work in their U.S. offices or fundraising. Feel free to learn more from CARE, International Medical Corps, International Rescue Committee, Mercy Corps, Oxfam America, Plan International USA, Save the Children and World Vision.


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18. Is the Coalition affiliated with a certain religion?

No. Our members work with communities and peoples of all faiths.

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19. Is the Coalition affiliated with the U.S. government?

No. Our members may receive government funds and partner with governments of many countries in the course of their work. The Coalition itself does not partner directly with governments or receive funding from the U.S. government.